Are You Hearing the Gospel?

It’s a simple enough question… “Are you hearing the Gospel?”   or to be even more precise, “Did you hear the Gospel proclaimed at Church this morning?”

Pastor Wilken of Issues Etc. has a great sermon diagnostic that I’ve mentioned at church and at Bible Study on several occasions.   It’s pretty simple:

1.   Is Jesus mentioned?
2.   Is Jesus the subject of the sentence? (he’s the one doing the action)
3.   Are the verbs in these sentences speaking of Jesus death on the cross for the forgiveness of sins, salvation, eternal life, etc? (rather than merely setting an example for us)

It’s a pretty good diagnostic; you should be able to answer yes to all 3.   But I’d like to focus in on that last part.   I would maybe even push the envelope a bit further than what I have briefly outlined here.   And say this, it is not enough to have heard that Jesus died on the cross and rose again.   This is merely speaking about the Gospel.   The key to knowing whether you have heard the Gospel is in two simple words “for you“.   These two words make history into life giving Gospel… so listen to the next sermon you hear… is Jesus being proclaimed  for you?