Memorizing the Catechism Part 2

In my previous post, I showed a video of a very young boy reciting the entire catechism in about 5 1/2 minutes in the Moore language (the language of approximately 5 million of the Mossi people in  Burkina Fasso).  So why is the catechism so important?  It’s importance rests with its concise (The 6 Chief Parts consist of less than 3000 words) summary of the most important Biblical teaching, most of which is actual Scripture.  What this means is that the Small Catechism can be translated much faster than the entire Bible or even the New Testament. Typically when a Western Missionary has to leave a particular mission field the result is that the numbers in attendance at the churches he served dwindle significantly.  A couple years ago, Rev. James May (who is providing these videos) had to leave Burkina Faso, yet in his absence not only has the Church grown, but new congregations are being started, there is even talk of starting a School for children (only about 20% of the country’s population can read).  One of the big contributing factors to the success of the Church in Burkina Faso was that some had put the content of the faith to memory.  Having put it to memory, these individuals could then teach others this same faith.  As Scripture says, “Faith comes by hearing” (Romans 10:17).

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