A Christmas List

Growing up, one of the Thanksgiving activities that I enjoyed was going through the various ads and picking out toys that I wanted from Santa and my parents.  Now, when it comes to “stuff”, I’m fairly content.  In fact, buying presents for me is difficult because I have a hard time thinking of what I want when asked.  This year, I’d to suggest something different and challenge you.  What if we gave gifts that helped others?  If you and your family is willing, I’m going to challenge you to replace some or all of the gifts you give to each other with gifts that can help others.  Want some ideas?  Well here’s my list:

Sponsor a Seminarian:

Why sponsor Seminarians?  Dollar for dollar, I truly believe this is the greatest impact your money can have as it is used to train pastors who are sent to proclaim the Gospel which has eternal benefits.

This is just a list of some ideas and organizations that I have a personal connection to.

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