Lutherans in Brazil

One of the unique privileges I had at Seminary was to live side-by-side international students.  My first two years I lived in the same dorm (a total of 24 rooms) as students (pastoral, doctorate, and deaconess*) from Japan, Kenya, Togo, South Africa, India, Korea, Columbia, and Brazil.

One of the international students, Rev. Tiago Albrecht from Macapá, Brazil – who studied with me my during my 4th year, just passed along a link to his website: Now most of this is in Portuguese, however there are/will be a few posts in English.  Check it out, and if you have Google Chrome, it can automatically translate the pages for you so you can read the whole blog.

It is great to see all the things that are going on.  In many respects we are in similar boats, both congregations are building/remodeling a church building, we are similar in size, and that even though the language and cultural subtleties are different, our worship is familiar across these differences.

Receiving New Members
Receiving New Members - Reformation Sunday

*The deaconess students lived on the lower level of Mezger Hall with a separate access, though we shared the common lounge.  I just want to clarify in case anyone would get the wrong idea.

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