Walther on Effective Preaching

I just opened my copy of Law and Gospel (the new CPH edition), as I’m getting back to my reading of this great work, and by chance, opened to a gem of a quote:

To achieve worthy results my friends, a preacher needs to preach the Word of God in its truth and purity — without any changes whatsoever.  This is the first and foremost requirement for success.  Some preachers in our day stifle certain teachings that are offensive to worldly people.  They do this with the good intention of not shocking their hearers.  But this is a great mistake.  You cannot make a person a true Christian by speech-making — be it ever so lofty or passionate — but only by the Word of God.  Only the Word of God produces repentance, faith, and godliness and preserves people therein to the end.

(Law and Gospel, page 125)

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