January 18 Construction Update

It has been a while since I’ve written an update on the construction.  As always, you can check out the pictures on the Photos page.

This last weekend we had a great crew putting up the drywall.  In addition to the pros who handled the ceilings and some of the more difficult rooms, members from Messiah were able to cover much wall space.  We also had lunch provided by other members of the congregation.

It truly is a great thing to see the congregation working together to accomplish this task.  As each person has been gifted with various talents (including stool supervisors), what has long been a dream is coming to reality.

We still have a way to go.  Heat and AC still needs to be installed, the drywall needs to be taped and mudded, the walls and ceiling painted, carpet installed, tiles laid, plumbing and fixtures connected, and more… and that’s just to move in.  Then there’s the furniture, artwork, liturgical appointments, and other finishings which we plan on paying for as we go.

Move in day is fast approaching, keep checking back here for updates.

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