Siberian Lutheran congregation robbed and vandalized

This morning I received the following email:

Yesterday, the Lutheran Church in Yurga was robbed and vandalized. The thieves took everything of value: sacred vessels, vestments, chairs – everything. The little they left they destroyed. The police are looking for those who did this miserable thing.

Please pray for your Lutheran brethren who mourn the desecration of the Lord’s house. Pray that the holy things would be restored and that they can gather without fear. Pray too for those who committed this sin. Pray that they be brought back to the Lord’s house with repentant hearts to receive forgiveness.

Pictures of the damage can be seen here:

Please keep this small congregation in your prayers that through this difficult time they may ever more show the love of Christ to their community.  If you wish to support the Siberian Lutheran Mission Society, their address is:
1460 University Ave.
San Jose, CA  95126

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