Why should I want to learn more?

Recently I was talking with a beloved member of the congregation I have been blessed to serve.  This person has a wonderful and simple faith.  What they learned in confirmation class those years back has served them well, has given them the firm foundation, and brought great comfort in the midst of life.  Their question to me was (to the effect), “I have a simple faith.  I believe what Scripture teaches as I learned it with the Small Catechism.  Why should I learn more?”

It’s a great question!  There is in fact something to be said about being blissfully ignorant of the various false teachings and attacks on the faith that have often necessitated sometimes complex explanations of various articles of the faith.  If we simply lived in a world in which we would not have to encounter teachings that bring doubt or others who have these kind of questions, then such blissful ignorance may be a good thing if someone was blessed with such a simple faith.

And there’s the rub.  We live in a world where Television, radio, and the people we encounter on a day to day basis bring all different worldviews.  We very well may be able to shield ourselves from their influence.  So why have a desire to learn more?  For your neighbor.  Your neighbor may have a struggle, doubt, or question of the faith that you may bring the confidence and comfort of the Gospel.

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