God is a man and not a chicken

Recently I stumbled upon this video put out by the ELCA which tries to answer the question “Is God male?”

To be very blunt.  What is taught in this video is at best misleading and worst heretical and outside of Christianity.  Here’s the straightforward truth.  God identifies Himself as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Thus two of the person of the Trinity self-identify as explicitly male.  Furthermore, the video goes on to explain that since the Bible was written in a male dominated culture, it spoke of God in this way.  This betrays an a priori disbelief in Scripture as the Word of God.  Next the video points to feminine images that Scripture uses in Isaiah 66:13 (of a mother) and Matthew 23:37 (a hen).  The problem with both of these is a simple language issue that you probably learned in High School: that of the simile.  A simile, in English, uses the words “like” or “as”.  The very nature of this language feature is that it is comparative and not something that belongs to identity (or to be more precise, a simile does not communicate ontology).  In fact, the use of the simile makes it clear that if A is “like” B, it means that A IS NOT B. So, God IS Father, God IS Son, God IS NOT a mother or a chicken.

Finally, and this is the big issue here, while the video makes a somewhat unclear reference to Jesus Christ, it fails to point out that when the Word became flesh and dwelt among us… He became man.  As man, Jesus Christ is engendered with all that it is to be a male human person biologically speaking.  This is why it is proper to say God is a man, God is male.  To deny this is to deny Christ’s incarnation.  After all Jesus is still to this day fully God and fully man; and when we look to God to understand who He is, we look strictly to Christ and not to the hidden attributes of God.

This is the big mistake of the video is that in saying “just kidding” to an affirmative answer to the question of is God male, it effectively rejects the historical, Biblical confession of Christ and of the Trinity.

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