Sasse quote of the day

If we desire to understand Luther’s concern and the concern of the old Evangelical [Lutheran] Church to maintain the Sacrament of the Altar and keep it pure, then we must realize a fact which the majority of people in our church generally no longer understand:  the fact, namely that there would be no church at all without the Holy Supper.  Where the church is, there the Supper is also celebrated; where the Supper is celebrated, there is the church.  Where it is no longer celebrated, there the church dies.  Our fathers knew this when in the great confessions of the Reformation they placed the Lord’s Supper together with Holy Baptism immediately alongside the Gospel as an essential mark of the church which could not be surrendered.”

-Hermann Sasse “The Holy Supper and the Future of Our Church” 1939, The Lonely Way, p. 480

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