Sasse Quote – On the Apostolic Church

That the Church today is no other than the church of yesterday and of the day of Pentecost; that it today has no other doctrine than in the days of Luther and of the Formula of Concord, and then no other doctrine than in the days of Bernard of Clairvaux and Thomas Aquinas; that the church’s proclamation in the time of Gregory the Great and in the time of Cyprian dare be no other than in the days of the apostles; that there is only one Gospel for all the centuries of history until the last day, just as there is only one Gospel for the people of all nations and all races; that the Gospel is given us in the witness of the apostles, and nowhere else, and that this witness cannot be supplanted by any other source of revelation; yes, that the anathema of the true church would have to strike even an angel from heaven who would proclaim to us another Gospel than that proclaimed by the apostles [Galatians 1:8-9] – such are the thoughts that are contained in the statement of the church’s apostolicity.  These are the truths of the faith to which we commit ourselves when we confess with Christians of all confessions the words of the ancient ecumenical creed:  “I believe in the apostolic church.”

– Hermann Sasse, “I Believe in the Apostolic Church” (1936), We Confess: Jesus Christ, p. 95

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