Big Jesus

How big is “your Jesus?  It is a bit of an odd question, I admit.  But take a moment to think about it.  Is the Jesus you speak about doing what any other person could do?  Maybe he’s doing it just a bit better than anyone else, but still essentially doing what any person could do.  Is Jesus simply an example to follow?  Is he simply a leader or “coach?”

If all you have Jesus for is to help you to be a better you… then you really have a small problem… and if your problem is small, you have a small Jesus.

Of course, there is no Jesus but the Jesus who died on the cross for your sins, for the sins of the world.  When we keep our eyes fixed on this real Jesus, not the Jesus of our fancy or imagination or comfort, we do see the magnitude of our problem.  Our sin demands nothing short of the wrath of God and there on Calvary we see that our big problems are dealt with by an even bigger Jesus who gives you big forgiveness… even more forgiveness than you have sin… more life than your death.

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