What is Pastor reading?

One of my duties as a Pastor is to study.  For me, the primary source of my study is the Word of God. At the same time, I find it very helpful to read other books which help me to better understand God’s Word.  Right now I am reading two great books.

The first is Broken by Pastor Jonathan Fisk.  This book examines 7 different “rules” that Christians have created that they try to pass off as “authentic” Christianity, but in reality distort the Gospel and destroy faith.  Pastor Fisk helps you to identify these “rules” in a winsome way and shows you how to break them.  This is a book, I would recommend to everyone.  You can get it here: http://sites.cph.org/broken

The other book I am reading is an updated translation of CFW Walther’s Kirche und Amt by LCMS President, Rev. Matthew Harrison.  It explains the relationship of pastors and the Church.  Again, great stuff, something I would recommend to congregation leaders and church workers. http://www.cph.org/p-20881-the-church-and-the-office-of-the-ministry.aspx


One thought on “What is Pastor reading?

  1. Thanks for the encouragement. I’m reading the exact same books. Now if I could just get the members of my congregation to read them – especially “Broken.” I am simply amazed that so many, having never attended any other church than the Lutheran Church, are deeply influenced by many of the rules that should always be broken. But I shouldn’t be. Satan enjoys his job. May the Lord grant you and I always find joy in ours.

    Pr. White

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