Whose is the Church?

Simply put, the Church is the Christ’s Church.  It is not mine, it is not my elders (as great a bunch of guys as they are), it is not the trustees’ / property committee, it is not the voters’ assembly’s, not the Synod’s, not the young’s, the old’s, or anyone else’s.  It is Christ’s.  He instituted it.

But who is the Church for?  It is for yes, the young.  They are not the future of the Church, the Church is for them now.  It is for the old, yes, grandmothers and grandfathers alike.  It is for addicts, liars, cheats, divorcees, adulterers… the Church is for sinners… the Church is for you and for a sinner such as myself.

It is for you because Jesus is for you and has given you the gift of His Church.  In this Body, you receive nothing less than the wealth of heaven.  As you gather you receive absolution, hear God’s Word, eat and drink Christ’s Body and Blood for the forgiveness of your sins, and find a neighbor who is also reconciled to the Father in Christ.  In this Church that Christ has given you, you receive consolation and comfort as your brother or sister in Christ speaks to you God’s Word.

So do not let anyone tell you that the Church is not for you, or that this isn’t ______’s Church (but it is someone other than Christ’s Church).  It’s a lie.  A lie only Satan wants you to believe.  No amount of qualifying or explaining will change that.  Jesus’s Church is for those whom He died for… Christ’s Church is for you.

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